Hares and animal sculptures

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Hare sculpture Humphrey, a design by Paul Jenkins, released by Frith in resin (cold cast bronze), hand-finished. Size: H 21 x W 19 cm.
Hilda, a female hare, her head raised towards the moon. The sculpture is a design by English nature sculptor Paul Jenkins commissioned by Frith Nature, who had it reproduced in cold cast bronze resin. Hand finished and polished: H 18 x W 12 cm.
Hare Hugo is sculpted by Paul Jenkins, an English wildlife artist. The sculpture is reproduced in cold cast bronze resin and is hand polished. The natural-looking body posture and chunky design give it extra charm. Height 28 cm.
Uniquely designed hare from the English Dorset. The large hare was designed by wildlife sculptor Thomas Meadows on behalf of Frith Nature. It is produced in cold cast bronze resin. Handmade and polished. Length 34 cm x W 18 cm.
This hare has a very natural posture; it was sculpted by Thomas Meadows for Frith Natural where it was reproduced in Cold Cast bronze. The intentional coarse structure emphasizes the artless character of the hare. Size: H 30 x B 19 cm.
Hare Timothy, h16 cm x w12 cm, is a roughly shaped art sculpture by English nature sculptor Thomas Meadows by commission of Frith Nature. This hare standing on four legs was made in cold cast bronze and then hand finished with a patina.
Hare Ted, nature's rendition of a hare that is alarmed. The sculpture was designed by nature sculptor Thomas Meadow on behalf of Frith Nature. The hare sculpture has been reproduced by hand in resin (cold cast bronze). Size: H 16 x W 12 cm
Hare sculpture Tanya is a Frith fine art sculpture, designed by Thomas Meadows. Reproduced by hand in cold cast bronze and hand-finished. Size: H 13 x B 14 cm
This faithfully shaped animal statue was designed for Frith by Paul Jenkins (sculptor from Great Britain). Produced in Cold Cast Bronze and hand finished. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Length:
Handmade sculpture puppy Bertie (22 x 17 cm) was designed exclusively for Frith Nature by English artist Harriet Dunne. The design is cold cast bronze resin and has a special bronze finish. Handmade.
Statue of a dog with his puppy, dim. 15x14 cm. The dog sculpture was designed byHarriet Dunn, wildlife sculptor. The cast in cold cast bronze with bronze patina is handmade. Comes with certificate of Frith Nature.
€69,00 €43,00
Handmade sculpture of two befriended dogs, a design by Harriet Dunn, created exclusively for Frith Nature . The sculpture is cast in cold cast bronze and has a bronze patina. Handmade. Dimensions: 18 x 19 cm.
€89,00 €75,00
Hunting dog or Coonhound Rusty, size 14 x 12 cm, is sculpted by the English nature artist Harrient Dunn commissioned by Frith Nature. The dog is roughly shaped to emphasize its natural character. Cold cast bronze and hand patinated. Handcrafted.
This fox climbing over a fence was designed by the English sculptor Paul Jenkins exclusively for Frith Nature, It was deliberately rough formed and then cold molded (cold cast bronze) and finished with a special bronze patina. Handcrafted. Measures: 15 x
Walking hedgehog Snuffle, designed for Frith, has been reproduced in cold cast bronze resin and is hand finished with a special bronze patina. Size: 10 x 17 cm
Very naturally designed hare, designed by the English artist Paul Jenkins for Frith (supplier of the National Trust). The resin sculpture in cold cast bronze technique with Premier finishis. Size 18 x 17 cm .
Large, upright sitting hare designed by English artist Paul Jenkins. Made in cold cast bronze technique and hand finished with a gallery quality Premier Finish. Comes with small certificate of origin.
This Kingfisher sculpture, designed exclusively for Frith, has been produced in cold cast bronze resin and is hand made and hand finished with a special bronze patina. Size: 18 x 14 x 6 cm
Crouched hare, designed by artist Paul Jenkins, who excels in sculpting hares in distinctive postures. The sculpture, made in cold cast bronze, is hand-finished and is 15 cm high.
Sitting hare, sculpted by the English artist Paul Jenkins. This sculpture is handmade and hand finished. Material: cold cast bronze. Dimensions: H 46 cm x 20 x 25 cm
Proudly sitting upright country hare - 34 cm long - roughly sculpted by the English artist Paul Jenkins. The hare is cast in cold cast bronze and has a beautiful finish. The sculpture is suitable for indoors and outdoors (covered).
Powerful and perfectly formed hare with a body language that radiates alertness. The surface is very beautiful and abstract. Material cold cast bronze. Design: Paul Jenkins. The hare figurine is 50 cm in length. Delivery on pallet only
Sitting hare of 25 cm high, looking over his shoulder, with an abstract sculpted fur for an earthly appearance. The hare statue, designed by Paul Jenkins, is made in hand-finished superior "cold cast bronze". Brand: Frith
Haas sculpture Hilary is a design by wildlife sculptor Paul Jenkins. His wax sculpture is produced in Cold Cast bronze and hand polished. The posture of the hare is very natural. The sculpture can be placed inside or outside. Dimensions: L 15,5 cm x 11,5


Sculptures from Frith .'s collections
Renowned sculptors from England designed beautiful animal sculptures that appear surprisingly natural. You must check out this collection! They are statues made of resin with a special bronze powder mix. Because of their appearance, they have been placed in the Bronze product group. The production method is therefore called cold-cast bronze in English.

All sculptures are UV and frost resistant and can therefore be placed both indoors and outdoors. The outside of the statues is treated with wax. This will lose its shine over time under the influence of weather conditions.

Part of the special collection is included here. In England the name Frith is well known in the field of animal sculptures. Their collection came about through collaboration with renowned English sculptors, who make and produce sculptures exclusively for Frith. You will not find these models anywhere else. The designs are very beautiful and the positions in which the animals are designed are so natural. With the eyes squinted a bit, it looks like it is a real animal and not a sculpture. This is because the artists who create the designs for Frith do the entire design process by hand. No machine is involved. This is the only way to give the end product the same authentic appearance as the clay or wax prototype made by the artist.
The English sculptors of the animal sculptures included here are Paul Jenkins, Thomas Meadows and Veronica Ballan (the furry-looking animals).

Together with the artists, Frith developed a process 21 years ago that gives the animal sculptures that special bronze-like appearance. This is done by a connection between resin mixed with a special bronze powder that has been processed through and through, in the entire base material. At the end of the making process, each sculpture is manually updated and polished in a special way. Each end product is therefore unique, because there are always small differences during the touch-up and polishing process.
The animal sculptures have the weight and material properties of stone, but an appearance of bronze with a soft to matte glossy finish.

With the purchase of a Frith sculpture, we guarantee you the purchase of a quality product that you and your future generations will enjoy for many years to come.

The artists :
Paul Jenkins:
Born in 1949 in the West Midlands; since 1970 he has been making animal sculptures inspired by his love for nature. He was educated through the Dudley College of Art and much of his figurative work is noted for his skill in creating cats and hares. He also worked for the Metropolitan Museum in New York and received several commissions from the National Trust. His work is in demand and can be seen in many English galleries.

Thomas Meadows
A renowned British animal artist, Thomas works from his studio in Dorset, combining sculpture with his lifelong passion for wildlife. He has a very special technique that gives the surface of the sculptures something artistic.

Veronica Ballan
Veronica Ballan is an extraordinary sculptor and her art is characterized by woolly or furry animals, which have character and are perfect in every detail. Veronica is located in the North East of England. Her work can be classified as outstanding. It's so different from what one usually sees. Her work is also in high demand. They are special collector's items with a high decorative value and are an addition to the interior.

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Frith animal sculptures- Natural Art Collection

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