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Mirror New Energy is a beautiful, striking Toms Drags mirror with a diameter of 105 cm. The silver "feathers", rhinestones and fresh colours of the Silver Line make it an absolute eye-catcher that can be well combined with various cabinets from the Versa
Energy M round mirror, made of MDF wood with silver accents. A beautiful eye-catcher with a diameter of 70 cm.
Handmade, round mirror with a richly decorated wooden frame painted in beautiful colours with lotus flowers on all sides. This exotic mirror has a diameter of 80 cm. Black Collection, Toms Drags.
Impressive round mirror Energy, diameter approx. 105 cm, made of wood. The large mirror, ready to hang, has colourfully painted "feathers" and elements with gold and rhinestones. Glass surface 40 cm . Brand Toms Drags. Handmade. No shipping outside NL/
€1.680,00 €1.549,00
Round, handmade Toms Drags mirror "Energy", diameter 70 cm. The mirror is painted, has accents of gold leaf and some rhinestone "feathers". This eye-catcher combines beautifully with various pieces of furniture from the Versailles Collection.
Impressive, 110 cm large Sun mirror by Toms Drags in Versailles style. Sun is radiant like the sun with many colours and gold accents. This article can be delivered on a pallet within the EU.
Radiant, round mirror Flames by Toms Drags, with an edge of golden sunbeams, behind which colorful 'flames' stretch out. The mirror has a total diameter of 80 cm, while the mirror glass itself has a diameter of 28 cm. Handmade of MDF.
Mirror Oval Versailles, part of the Toms Drags Silver Line. Size: 65 x 90 cm.
Handmade and hand painted. Material: marmorin / glass.
Mirror from the Versailles Collection. by Toms Drags. Size: 60 x 109 cm
Material: MDF / Marmorin
Tapered Toms Drag mirror with decorative painting and gold accents, on a 2 cm thick mdf wood frame. The visible mirror glass is oval. Handcrafted. Mirror dimensions: 60 cm wide and 88 cm long. Colors match a variety of furniture.
Tall mirror from the Versailles Collection
Size 100 x 50 cm
Main colors: yellow and gold
Tall, narrow asymmetrical design mirror with wooden frame. The Toms Drags mirror has a steel hanging cable at the back. Size 100 x 50 cm.
Glass surface 22.5 cm x 71 cm. Handmade and handpainted.

When shipping mirrors outside the Netherlands breakage
Star-shaped, asymmetrical Toms Drag mirror with inward curving lines. The wooden frame is painted in cheerful colour patterns and black-and-white blocks. It is a rather compact mirror, as the dimensions are outer dimensions: 78 x 63 cm.
Size 60x90 cm. Frame made of handpainted MDF.
When shipping mirrors outside the Netherlands breakage of the glass is at your own risk. When broken, the mirror glass can easily be replaced. All mirrors can be opened on the backside.
Handcrafted mirror from the Toms Drags collection. The frame is shaped like half a bamboo stalk. Size: 50 x 70 cm. Material: fiber / Marmorin.
Colourful Drag mirror Bamboo, made of handpainted fiber/marmorin. A real eye catcher in your interiour. Designed by Toms Company. Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm.
Rectangular mirror "Golden Wood" of 80 cm long, one long side seems to be made of golden cubes of wood , the other side flat with colorful Toms Drags designs. A mirror that combines simplicity with exuberance. Width 59 cm. Material: MDF.
Rectangular mirror "Golden Wood" of 122 cm in length, one side seems to be made of golden cubes of wood , the other side flat with floral Toms Drags patterns. A mirror that combines simplicity with exuberance. Width 60 cm. Material: MDF.
Striking crown mirror in drag colors. A real eye catcher.
Hand painted frame of wood. Size 60 cm x 100 cm
When shipping mirrors outside the Netherlands breakage of the glass is at your own risk. When broken, the mirror glass can easily be replaced...
Great exotic mirror Tahiti. Size 80 x 90 cm. A handmade Toms Drags design made of wood.
Decorative rectangular mirror of 80 x 40 cm from the brand Toms Drags. It can be beautifully combined with the cabinet Bora. This living room mirror or hall mirror BoraBora has a number of overlaid, brightly colored metal frames . Handmade from MDF.
Large, rectangular mirror by Toms Drag . Size 120 x 80 cm.
No shipping outside the Netherlans. Pick up only.
Mirror from the Toms Drag Versailles Collection; Fontainebleau is the largest from all Toms Drag mirrors. Material: MDF and Fiberglass / Crystal Glass, hand-painted. Size: 107 x 130 cm / mirror glass: 70 x 90 cm
Glossy white mirror Almeria, painted in the fresh colors of the Toms Drags Silver Line . Frame size: 50 x 90 cm. Material: wood (MDF). Handmade.


Colorful and large wall mirrors by Toms Drags. These uniquely designed mirrors are all handcrafted eye-catchers that will beautify your living room wall or hallway wall. There are mirrors with gold accents and with silver accents in round, oval, rectangular.

Mirrors do not only have a functional purpose; they should also be decorative. It should be an eye-catcher that contributes to the desired atmosphere in the living room or hallway. The Toms Drags wall mirrors by designer Tom Hoffmann are sought after by people who want to give their interiors a unique look. The wall mirrors are available with gold accents and with silver accents. So you can easily combine them with all types of furnishings. Especially when a living room has a subdued base, a beautiful and striking decorative object on the wall is the icing on the cake. The wall mirrors from Toms Drag are particularly colorful and they are available in all shapes. There are round wall mirrors, square, oblong and asymmetrical models. The wall mirrors are provided with the authenticity logo of Toms Company. The material used for the mirrors is mainly MDF wood. Take a look at this collection of wall objects, which are all much talked about eye-catchers. 

A unique collection of wall mirrors to beautify the living room or hallway. Of course, there is also something to be said for a cheerful and colorful mirror in the bedroom or hallway.  With a colorful Toms Drag mirror you combine functionality and styling and you give your interior an individualistic look.   

Gold or silver mirrors:
So many people, so many tastes, therefore there are various shapes and sizes in the mirror range. Most of our mirrors belong to the Tom's Drag collection. These are striking handmade and hand-painted wall mirrors, decorated or not with small rhinestones, gold trim or silver trim. True eye-catchers that suddenly give your living room or hall a whole new look with their artistic character and cheerful appearance. Most of the mirrors have gold accents to match the equally striking pieces of furniture and sculptures. Since 2016, Toms Company has expanded its range to include mirrors in cool tones and silver accents.  

Mirror models 
The wall mirrors come in various models, shapes and sizes. Round mirrors, square mirrors, oblong mirrors, oval mirrors and asymmetrically shaped mirrors and mirrors with ornaments such as a golden crown. 

Mirror Dimensions
To assess whether a mirror is the right size, we recommend making a cardboard mold at home and holding it in the intended location. This will give you a better idea of the flatness of your wall.  
If you would rather first view one of the wall mirrors in stock, please contact us for a visit to Decovista's showroom.  

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