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Handmade sailboat skelleton of The Mariner, Can be hung or put down. Signed: C. Jeré. Size: 116 x h 105 x 17 cm.
Urchin, a famous masterpiece by C. Jeré . The exclusive artwork is featuring five different sized connected sea urchins. The sculpture is made of brass-plated steel wire pins on a brass-plated steel frame. Dim. approx. 100 x 65 x 25 cm.
Attraction is a stunning 3-D wall decoration measuring approximately 120 x 80 cm with a sophisticated and warm look with numerous brushed copper and metal elements, yet airy. With a focused spotlight, this art object becomes intensely vibrant. Signed.
Wall decoration The Elms shows a group of trees on the horizon. It is an atmospheric, metal 3-D design by C. Jeré consists of Elm trees full of brass leaves, set on copper wire. This handmade still life with trees measures approximately 133 x 78 x 8 cm.
Wall decoration Seagulls II - Brass, also known as Flock of Birds. This handmade wall sculpture seagulls in flight is a famous design by C. Jeré and is dated and signed. It comes with certificate of authenticity. Dimensions approx 120 x 60 cm x 14 cm
Impressive metal wall sculpture Raindrops Brass measuring approx. 170 x 85 x 17 cm, in warm golden brown, one of the most famous designs by C. Jeré. Handmade and signed art object with an unparalleled look. Supplied with certificate.
Handmade metal Wall Art Sculpture Impress
Exclusive manufacturer: Artisan House USA
Signed C. Jere, with certificate of authenticity by Artisan House
Size appr.145 x 98 x 10 cm
Wall object Swan measuring approximately 140 cm wide x H 100 cm is a C. Jeré - Artisan House design and graceful like a swan. The gold-tinted wall sculpture is a feast for the eyes. Made of brass with bronze colored elements. Signed, with certificate.
Summer Oak is a handmade 3D metal Wall Art sculpture made of heat treated stainless steel and brass elements. Size 127 x 9 x 64 cm.
Platinum Leaves, waving pale-gold leaves of steel with an antique look. This is a handcrafted, lush leafy piece that brings coziness to the room. It is a signed design by C. Jeré-Artisan House measuring approximately 170 x 13 x 155 cm.
Acacia is a handmade metal Wall sculpture made of burnished and partial flame colored copper plated stainless steel. This wall art object is designed by and signed C. Jeré. Size: approx. 116 x 74 x 10 cm.
Golden Hedgerow is a handmade wall sculpture made of antiqued gold leaf on steel. It is handmade and signed C. Jere. Size appr.: 168 x 15 x 183 cm
Bridge is a handmade metal Wall sculpture made of goldleaf over steel. Comes with a Artisan House certificate of authenticity. Size appr.: 137 x 81 x 8 cm
Compact and attractive wall object Raindrops Brass, a famous design by C. Jeré in small version approx. 86 x 11 x 50 cm
Inception is a striking and unique object with red lacquered parts on a brass tinted background. Centrally located along the length are steel-colored elements . This handmade art object measures 130 x 64 x 10 cm.
Sturdy, handmade and signed wall sculpture of steel, copper and brass. Designer C. Jeré - Artisan House. This robust 3D object in earth tones is a fantastic addition to a larger living room. Size: 156 x 105 cm.
Disconnected is a distinctive handmade metal Wall sculpture made of heat treated , copper, brass stainless steel and brushed metal. Comes with a Artisan House certificate of authenticity. Size approx.: 140 x 9 x 109 cm
Attractive, handmade wall object Raindrops Brass, a famous design by C. Jeré; made in approx. 135 x 15 x 65 cm . The object consists of a collection of golden brown mottled discs heat treated and shiny golden half spheres .
Vintage Grid measures approx. 178 x 7 x 99 cm and is a vintage design of the Labyrinth by C. Jeré. Made of aged and tinted brass and cold rolled steel. This carved, three-dimensional lattice breathes nostalgia and radiates warmth.
An abandoned, fenced-in park with some benches and birds in the bare treetops. A handmade still life that exudes tranquility, designed by C. Jeré - Artisan House, signed with certificate.
Measures approx. 112 x 13 x 82 cm.
Warwick is a handmade, signed wall artwork by Artisan House. This stylish 3d sculpture of steel is a fantastic eye-catcher and gives your interior an interesting and luxurious touch. Dimensions approx. 184 x 13 x 96 cm.
Mathematical shapes and warm tones in a 124 cm wide wall decoration with a vibrant design and colour play due to, among others, heat-treated surfaces and strips of steel. Design: C. Jeré, Artisan House. Dimensions: approx. 124 x 80 x 8 cm.
Reverb is a handcrafted 147 x 21 x 71 cm wall decoration by Artisan House and fits best in a larger living room.  It is made of flame treated brass, chrome and copper.   Signed with comes with certificate.
Exclusive metal wall decoration Gathering; a bird swarm of about 150 cm long. The object made of steel is handmade and painted. This eye-catcher fits on a longer wall. Dimensions approx. 152 x 23 x 75 cm. Weight approx. 6 kilos.


Beautiful handmade wall sculptures in the colors brass and bronze and related shades. These art objects are of high quality and are crafted by brushing, cutting and flame heating for a unique look.

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