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Miniatur Seegull Belle - XS for the Toms Drag Case. Height 10,5 cm.
Made of handpainted marmorin.
€14,90 €9,95
Vase Love - miniature. Height 7,5 cm.
€15,90 €11,90
Plate Love XS by Toms Drags. 100% Handmade. Diameter 5,5 cm
Golfer Jack, miniature for Toms Drag case. Height: 10 cm.
Miniature vase for Toms Drag case, height 8 cm
Frog dish - XS by Toms Drags. 100% handmade of marmorin. Length: 7 cm. Material: marmorin.
€23,50 €19,50
This collectors item tiger Tony is a handmade Toms Drags miniature, designed by Tom Hoffmann (r.i.p.). Its length is 8 cm. Material: marmorin.
Miniature dog Mr. Barcley SX, for Toms Drag case. Size 7,5 cm.
Hand painted marmorin.
Miniature dog mr. Beasly, suitable for the Toms Drags case. Hand painted dog figure, sculpture of a dog.
Mini fish Robby, made of handpainted marmorin. Size 8.5 cm.
Cute designer backpack small size - with zipper and two pouches inside (for cell phone) Designer: Tom Hoffmann, famous for its drag pictures and furniture.
Size 36 x 40 cm.
Material: plastic
€59,00 €24,95
Little Jeanny... is a cute small ball bellied cat. She is made of Marmorin and hand painted in typical Tom`s Drag patterns. She has real whiskers . Height 10 cm.
Mini turtle, size 8,5 cm
Duck Barbra XS - miniature. Length 7.5 cm. Handpainted figure for Toms Drag Case. Made of marmorin.
Made of marmorin. Dimensions: height 12.5 cm x 7.5 cm
€46,80 €32,80
Mini dog, dog figurine, miniature dog, small dog, handpainted dog, Drag dog, dog in drag style, animal figurine, dressed dog, Little Ewald, Click on MORE INFO
Cat Little Mahtilda, animal figurine of a cat, kitty, kitten. Hand painted cat figurine with two red shoes. Part of the Toms Drag cats collection.
€47,00 €37,00
Cat figurine Sue - S handmade art object by Toms Drag. Made of marmorin.
length 12 cm, height 4.5 cm
€46,30 €38,00
Funny female hare, height 9 cm. Made of marmorin. From the new collection of Fairy tales Toms Drags
€13,20 €38,90
Dog Figurine Kurtie - miniature, with a cigarette, smoking dog figurine animal figurine Drag dog. Miniature dog Kurtie. Animal Figure in Drag style, from the dog collection Toms Drag
Smoking dog with a cigarette, smoking dog figurine animal figurine Drag Scottie dog. Miniature dog Scottie. Animal Figure in Drag style, from the dog collection Toms Drag
Bulldog Mademoiselle - S -
The small sigarette that comes with it, can be left out.
Size: 10 cm high, 6 cm wide.
Made of Marmorin.
Male hare resting on a stick. The figurine has whiskers and eye lashes. It wears gold colored boots and a hat. This miniature is made of marmorin and has a height of 10 cm. From the new collection of fairy tales.
€49,95 €39,90
Pig Little George with hat. Made of marmorin. New from the fairy tale collection. Height 10 cm
€13,20 €39,90

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