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Handmade metal Wall Art Sculpture Coral-Moon Branches, a design by C. Jeré (signed and wit certificat of Artisan House. This is a two piece wall sculpture. Size: 100 x 51 and 105 x 45 cm
Wall sculpture Eden shows a tree leaf in autumn colors and measures approx. 135 cm x 66 cm and 10 cm deep. The exclusive art object is handmade from steel painted in natural colors and weighs approx. 8 kilos. Signed, with certificate of authenticity.
€1.595,00 €1.240,00
Handmade sailboat skelleton of The Mariner, Can be hung or put down. Signed: C. Jeré. Size: 116 x h 105 x 17 cm.
Handmade metal Wall Art Sculpture Impress
Exclusive manufacturer: Artisan House USA
Signed C. Jere, with certificate of authenticity by Artisan House
Size appr.145 x 98 x 10 cm
Wall art Sterling Journey presents exquisite shades of silver. The piece's textured round shape is split vertically into two pieces with a robust metal ball joining both sections together near the items top. Diameter 94 cm.
Propensity II a 2-piece wall sculpture made of partially flame treated chrome, brass and copper. Designed by C. Jeré, handicraft. Each part is approximately 84 x 62 x 12 cm.
Exclusive and numbered metal wall sculpture "City Park" measuring approx. 129 x 80 x 10 cm; a classic by C. Jeré- Artisan House. An interesting design with many details. Collection possible. This wall object can also be shipped.
Epiphany is a retro style wall art object, consisting of round and frayed chromed steel discs, which are treated with flame and paint. It symbolises the ...
Modern wall sculpture From The Depths. Two rectangles, transparently lacquered in deep steel blue overflowing into gold, where the impact of an apparent explosion can be seen. A superb metal 3-D work of art. Dim. each 48 x 91 x 8 cm.
Kaleidoscope wall sculpture, size 25 x 80 x 10 cm, is hand-crafted from solid copper, brass, and steel then painted in rich enameled tones. Expertly sculptured from metals such as brass, copper and steel and exquisitely finished, Artisan House wall art re
Ebb Tide is a handmade wall object made of stainless steel with fittings and flame-treated parts. Size: 229 x 18 x 62 cm
Impressive metal wall sculpture Raindrops Brass measuring approx. 170 x 85 x 17 cm, in warm golden brown, one of the most famous designs by C. Jeré. Handmade and signed art object with an unparalleled look. Supplied with certificate.
Raindrops ist eines der bekanntesten Designs von C. Jeré. Eine beeindruckende Metall-Wandskulptur mit Halbkugeln und flammenbearbeiteten Scheiben. Ca. 170 cm breit.
Wall decoration Seagulls II - Brass, also known as Flock of Birds. This handmade wall sculpture seagulls in flight is a famous design by C. Jeré and is dated and signed. It comes with certificate of authenticity. Dimensions approx 115 x 60 cm x 14 cm
Rings of Gravity is a robust, 130 x 90 cm metal wall object with two differently toned discs. The brushed steel interspersed with copper surfaces evokes a sense of movement, provided by the incised lines.
Pulsar is a handmade wall sculpture with a powerful look. The artwork is composed of metal elements that appear to explode from the brushed sphere. Dimensions: W 124 x H 80 x D 17 cm. An absolute eye-catcher. Design: C. Jeré.
Urchin, a famous masterpiece by C. Jeré . The exclusive artwork is featuring five different sized connected sea urchins. The sculpture is made of brass-plated steel wire pins on a brass-plated steel frame. Dim. approx. 100 x 65 x 25 cm.
Winter Orchard is a metal wall sculpture with a width of 135 cm and a height of 104 cm. The three-dimensional snow-covered orchard is a handmade still life designed by C. Jeré and comes with a certificate from Artisan House.
Firmament is a two-part abstract wall object made of metal squares of steel, copper and brass. Signed design by C. Jeré. Dimensions of composition as shown 190 x 85 cm. Each part is 130 cm x 50 cm. Variable to hang.
Attraction is a stunning 3-D wall decoration measuring approximately 120 x 80 cm with a sophisticated and warm look with numerous brushed copper and metal elements, yet airy. With a focused spotlight, this art object becomes intensely vibrant. Signed.
Wall decoration The Elms shows a group of trees on the horizon. It is an atmospheric, metal 3-D design by C. Jeré consists of Elm trees full of brass leaves, set on copper wire. This handmade still life with trees measures approximately 133 x 78 x 8 cm.
A composition of connected, star-shaped elements that form a balanced mechanism. A sparkling wall object in chrome with steel blue paintbrush. This wall sculpture is approx. 130 x 90 cm. Handmade, signed and delivered with certificate.
€925,00 €775,00
Wall sculpture Safari consists of oval-shaped suns with rays colored in matte silver and matte gold. The compact, handmade work of art has an exotic look. Dimensions: 118 x 70 cm. This is a signed wall decoration by C. Jeré and comes with a certificate b
€1.019,00 €750,00
Summer Oak is a handmade 3D metal Wall Art sculpture made of heat treated stainless steel and brass elements. Size 127 x 9 x 64 cm.

Exclusive Wall-Art

metal wall sculptures
Our impressive handmade wall sculptures in various colours and styles are made of various types of metal. The abstract and figurative wall sculptures are all showpieces that take the appearance of living room, or company / practice space to a higher level. Such an exclusive wall decoration has much more impact on your interior than a flat painting or photo frame. It brings a room to life, because such a work of art is influenced by the changes of light and shadow in the room where it hangs and even sometimes by the ambient colors.

Decovista is the address for the famous wall sculptures C. Jeré, which are of affordable gallery quality and which are exclusively published by Artisan House in America. C. Jeré's wall decorations are handmade, signed and come with an Artisan House certificate of authenticity.  

The gifted designers Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels, merged their names into C. Jeré in the 1970s and together they designed beautiful constructions of metal, including freestanding objects and wall sculptures. They then founded Artisan House and put together a talented team of craftsmen who could skillfully put together their three-dimensional designs.  They wanted to make it possible to make affordable art objects for the less rich as well, in response to the screamingly expensive objects from galleries.

Nowadays the same method is used to continue to offer this affordable art. In addition to previously published designs, new designs are also produced that are in line with contemporary trends, with the production partly taking place in handicraft workshops that have moved to Asia in order to reduce costs. The wall sculptures fit in perfectly with today's interior design and have also been available with more colours for some time now.

In principle, there is something for every taste and interior style, suitable for an industrial, modern, classic or timeless interior. The wall decorations are available in clear lacquered or brushed steel, in warm-coloured metal or in paint treated versions. Abstract objects, figurative designs, large and small sculptures in copper, brass, untreated steel, stainless steel, mirrored or matt, brushed or heat discoloured steel. There is a lot of everything.  

In our showroom you can see a nice selection of these handmade wall sculptures from the collection of C. Jeré, Artisan House. What is hanging can be delivered immediately, the rest from the catalogue can be ordered.  Visit the showroom in Duiven (Netherlands) to see what we mean. The showroom can be visited daily by appointment. Exceptions are mentioned in the section "Showroom and Pickup".

History of the company C. Jeré Artisan House  
C. Jere is the registered name of the artists Jerry Fels and Curtis Freiler, who both collaborated and designed from the end of the 1950s until the late 1970s. Together they created beautiful construction drawings for metal wall sculptures, which they then brought to life by hand.   
As their work became more popular and demand increased, they founded Artisan House and hired skilled craftsmen to construct the designs on the basis of their drawings and to help develop new designs. Today, master-artists at the C. Jere Design Studio in Burbank, California, are producing new designs, reproduced by a team of talented craftsmen in two overseas production studios in Asia. This keeps the objects affordable and makes it interesting to buy such a decorative wall sculpture, especially when you realise that wall objects from the early days of Artisan House brought in as much as 7500 USD at auctions. Depending on the popularity of a particular object, it can therefore become a good art investment in the long term.

Go HERE to the wall sculptures of C. Jeré.

Materials and operations
For 50 years now, Artisan House has been making a very special collection of metal wall art and sculptures for homes and public places. Whether figurative or abstract, each work is handmade from high quality metals and alloys, including copper, bronze, brass, steel, aluminium and chrome. The treatments are numerous and varied, from welding to chiselling, from grinding to airbrushing and patinating, as well as flame treatments of the metals used to create various shades of colour in, for example, copper or chrome. This gives all objects a unique and lively appearance. 

The C. Jeré sculptures are becoming increasingly popular and are highly sought after by collectors and interior designers.  All items are copyrighted, signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Go HERE to the section of wall sculptures by C. Jeré

For more than four decades, Artisan House’s vibrant, versatile designs have been recognized as multi-dimensional “metalworks of art.” In 1964, partners Jerry Fels and Kurt Freiler branched out into the specialized world of metal art. Previously, Fels operated Renoir of California — a jewelry house that designed and produced collections of copper jewelry. It is a combination of Fels and Freiler’s names that make up the signature C. Jere that marks every Artisan House handmade sculpture.

Artisan House wall sculptures elevate the look of any room or outdoor setting thanks to a comprehensive array of designs showcasing multi-colored, cool and warm tones; nature-themed pieces with earthly inspirations; and sculptures reminiscent of activities that relax, excite or inspire. Tabletop and freestanding floor pieces also make dynamic statements in the home or out-of-doors. Before new product designs debut each April and October, hundreds of sketched or proposed designs undergo an initial review. Then, prototypes are made and final pieces are selected by a panel of design authorities. Because many members of Artisan House’s finishing staff have worked with the company for more than 30 years, they are highly skilled at collaborating with studio artists to help make their original designs come to life. Upon completion, every Artisan House sculpture is copyrighted and signed and dated by the artist.

Today, Artisan House offers its discerning clients an ever-evolving roster of more than 350 pieces. New metalworks designs are introduced twice annually at major markets. All handmade items are created by master artists at the firm’s C. Jere Design Studio in Burbank, California. Wall sculptures and items especially crafted for long-lasting display in today’s outdoor living spaces consistently rank among the company’s top sellers. Sculptures are handcrafted of rich metals including copper, bronze, brass, steel, aluminum and chrome. Each piece is hand finished with intriguing surface treatments, paints and patinas. For example, pieces may incorporate ground steel, brushed stainless steel, flame-treated copper or hammered brass — or combine two or more metals like painted brass and steel with flame treated copper. Due to the abstract nature of most Artisan House pieces, many can be hung upside down or at an angle, as well as used in multiples for a larger configuration or to create a bolder statement.

Affordable design
Since its foundation in 1963, Artisan House has remained true to its original intention: to produce art at gallery level at an affordable price. C. Jere - Artisan House has successfully closed the gap between the expensive range of exclusive art galleries and mass-produced decorative wall objects by creating original images in unparalleled designs at affordable prices. The company adds a great dimension to indoor and outdoor environments, which amazes many. Dazzlingly beautiful!

The wall sculptures elevate the appearance of every room thanks to a wide variety of designs, as well as the use of colours and materials. Abstract design of multi-coloured, cool and warm tones, nature-inspired designs with earthly inspirations and sculptures reminiscent of activities that relax, stimulate or inspire.

The metal sculptures fit perfectly in both modern and traditional interiors, but also give a director's room or meeting room an interesting look. There are also wall objects in the Artisan House collection that are suitable for outside in the garden or on a terrace. We advise you to place them in a somewhat sheltered spot where heavy rain, hail and direct bright sunlight are avoided. In this way you can enjoy such a wall object for years to come. 

There are also freestanding floor objects as well as beautiful table frames within the collection, which provide a certain dynamic in the room or in your garden. Almost all of these freestanding art objects are suitable for outdoor use and are true eye-catchers for your garden or large roof terrace. We will be happy to show you the relevant objects in our catalogue. 

Versatile metal art
Thanks to its vibrant, versatile designs, Artisan House is recognized as a multi-dimensional "metal company of art". Over the decades, a collection of smaller representative wall sculptures such as trees, branches and small scenes has emerged, as well as large-scale works of art in modern, trendy or traditional style. There is a suitable object for every taste. 

The wall sculptures are particularly suitable for a living room, but are equally fantastic eye-catchers in a company or office, with which one can certainly make a big statement. 


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