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History of the C. Jeré Artisan House

C. Jeré is the trade name that artists Jerry Fels and Curtis Freiler registered to work together. The trade name is a pseudonym for both of their names. The artists Fels and Freiler were, in fact, brothers-in-law.
In 1963, the artists began collaborating on various artistic projects with a passion that would enable them to produce "gallery-quality art for the masses". Their art/product was very reasonably priced but very well designed and constructed and many of their table and wall sculptures can still be found on auction sites. Together the artists used many materials, including beautiful and finely colored enamel, thin sheets of hammered patinated brass, copper, polished stainless steel, glass and chrome. From these simple materials they created beautiful and imaginative wall sculptures, practical furniture and a range of other products.
Curtis Jere not only created abstract art, but also created pop art with the shapes of everyday household items, from a giant copper cheese grater to a pair of iron bookends painted in gilded paint.

From the late 1950s until well into the 1970s, they designed beautiful metal wall sculptures together, which they then constructed completely by hand in their studio during the early days of their collaboration. Curtis Jere used a variety of traditional techniques such as enamelling, casting resin into molds, and casting bronze and other metals to create their abstract metal works of various clustered and modular forms. As their work became more popular and the demand increased, they hired skilled craftsmen to recreate the designs according to exact guidelines and to help think about new designs. At its peak, the brothers-in-law worked at the Artisan House with about 300 workers. They massively produced their gallery furniture, costume jewelry and their sculptures.

Fels and Freiler decided in 1972 to sell Artisan House. It has since been sold and resold. Curt Freiler passed away on July 22, 2013, at the incredible age of 103, in Los Angeles, California. Fels passed away in October 2008.
Their work is still in high demand today thanks to the Mid Century Modern trend and is sometimes sold for many hundreds or thousands of dollars, or pounds, around the world. Artisan House is headquartered in Burbank, California. The construction work is done by a team of talented craftsmen in two overseas production studios, one of which is in China. This outsourcing of the production process was necessary to keep the sculptures affordable and accessible to a wider art-loving public. New, beautiful constructions are created by skilled craftsmen, while many famous designs from the early years are still being put together. In an exclusive partnership with Jonathan Adler , the C. Jeré studio has reissued their most iconic mid-century designs, including Raindrops Silver and Brass.

It is interesting to purchase a decorative wall sculpture of good quality and name, which rises far above the mass of pressure-colored and punched-out objects that are now frequently found in stores. Buying a wall sculpture by C. Jeré - Artisan House is definitely worth it when you realize that the still good wall objects by Artisan House from the 1970s are frequently sold at American auctions for prices between 5000 and 8000 USD, at least for a somewhat intact copy on which the signature is visible. If you prefer a vintage object from the sixties, make sure that you are dealing with a reliable seller or art connoisseur, so that you do not have to deal with an imitation later on. In most cases you will have to import such a wall sculpture from America. Take import duties into account.

Materials and operations

Artisan House has been making a very special collection of metal wall art and sculptures for homes and public places for more than 60 years. Whether figurative or abstract, each piece of art is handcrafted from quality metals and alloys, including copper, bronze, brass, steel, aluminum and chrome, depending on the intended end result. The operations are many and varied, from welding to chiselling, from grinding tool to airbrushing or patination, as well as flame treatments of the metals. The processing gives the objects a unique and lively appearance. Also several famous models are still made according to the original construction drawings.

The C. Jeré sculptures are gaining in popularity and are highly sought after by collectors and interior designers. All items are protected against counterfeiting by copyright , they are signed and come with a certificate. The prices of a real C. Jeré object vary and are determined by the difficulty, the processing, the metal types and the dimensions of the object. Prices for small objects start around €700, but new designs of more than €5,000 can also be found.

See HERE the wall sculptures of Artisan House - C. Jere

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Affordable design

Since its foundation in 1963, Artisan House has remained true to its original intention: to produce gallery-quality art at an affordable price. C. Jere by Artisan House has successfully bridged the gap between the expensive range of exclusive art galleries and mass-produced wall objects, creating original and unparalleled designs. The company adds a great dimension to indoor and outdoor environments, which surprises many. Dazzlingly beautiful!
The wall sculptures elevate the appearance of any room thanks to a wide variety of design, use of colors and materials. Abstract design with multi-coloured, cool and warm tones, nature-inspired designs with earthly inspirations and sculptures reminiscent of activities that relax, excite or inspire.

Applicability :
The wall sculptures fit perfectly in both modern and traditional interiors, but also give a boardroom or meeting room an interesting look. There are also wall objects in the Artisan House collection that are suitable for outside in the garden or on a terrace. It is recommended to place it in a somewhat sheltered place. In this way one can enjoy such a purchase for many years.

The collection also includes freestanding floor objects and a beautiful table base that provides dynamics in the room. The objects from the freestanding collection are almost all suitable for outdoor use and are all true eye-catchers for the garden or roof terrace. Ask your dealer for access to the catalog.

Versatile metal art
Thanks to its vibrant, versatile designs, Artisan House has been recognized as a multi-dimensional "metal company of the arts". Over the decades, a collection has emerged of smaller representative wall sculptures such as trees, branches and small scenes, as well as large-scale works of art in modern, trendy or traditional style. There is a suitable object for every taste.
The wall sculptures are particularly suitable for a living room, but are also fantastic eye-catchers for a business space, large hall or office, with which you can certainly make a big statement.
Decovista has been the point of sale in the Netherlands for Artisan House wall decorations for more than 13 years and has a wide range of figurative and abstract wall artworks. Visit our showroom to admire the collection.

Are you looking for a unique wall object to decorate a living room, dining room, bedroom or hall? We have a particularly beautiful collection of metal art objects for a modern, timeless and classic interior. Make an appointment to look around without obligation or ask for advice.
We can deliver many of the displayed objects directly from stock.


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