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Wall decoration

Exclusive, three-dimensional wall decorations, including metal 3D wall sculptures by C. Jeré, low-budget wall decorations, paintings and mixed-art on canvas.
Another category of wall decoration is image wallpaper. There is inexpensive panoramic wall and / or photo wallpaper with additional decor stickers included. Our wall decoration objects are diverse and reachable for every budget. The collection with wall decoration is regularly supplemented with new, surprising wall decorations.

Explanation of the categories

sculptures by C. Jeré - high quality

Exclusive, three-dimensional wall objects made from high-quality metals. They are sturdy and have strong constructions. The materials used here consist of copper, brass, stainless steel and chrome. In many cases, these metals are processed using techniques such as grinding, brushing, heating and various painting techniques.

Wall sculpture "Raindrops" is a good example where these techniques are used. Some of the discs have been serrated and burned along the edges; other discs are only heated. All are spot-welded, creating a colored core in the heart of each disk. The material of the hemispheres is invisibly welded from the outside. Similar characteristics can also be seen in the colorful wall sculpture Epiphany, in which color is added with airbrush technique. In the case of wall sculpture Indulgence, which is made up of strips of copper, the discolorations visible from heat treatment are clearly visible. The discolouration to deep orange and wine red fits extremely well with the red copper.

Every type of metal reacts and discolours in a different way and, in combination with manual construction and machining, always results in a unique and impressive design object.

The wall objects of C. Jeré are by no means comparable to the cheaper models that you find as fashion items in department stores, where mainly tin is used (we have some in the Budget Line). With the sturdy, multiple attachment points you can literally go in all directions. You buy these wall sculptures to enjoy them for many years. They come with a certificate of authenticity that is issued by Artisan House USA.  View the C. Jeré wall decorations here

BUDGET LINE wall decorations

Nice wall decorations for those who do not want to spend so much money and want to change wall decorations more regularly. Even with these wall decorations it is possible to give a wall a completely different look. The budget-line wall decorations are not that big and usually made of iron and tin that is varnished. These wall decorations are partially made by hand. They fit well with the trend to replace paintings, posters or photographs for something that has some relief. Of course you can also enjoy this for years, provided you do not want to go too quickly with new living trends.


low-priced wall objects
material iron and tin
rear often hollow
very light weight
View the budget wall decorations here

Traditional, flat wall art, framed or stretched on the frame. These canvases are either completely hand-painted, or they are a mix between art-print and manual painting. These paintings are ready to hang.

Wall mural
With photo wallpaper you can decorate a wall quickly and cost-effectively. Choose a theme that matches your personal preference, or the atmosphere you want to achieve in your living room or bedroom. The application of this photo wallpaper is very simple and also advantageous. The images are printed on normal wallpaper and can be processed with normal wallpaper glue. The designs all consist of four parts. The collection with photo wallpaper will be expanded in the future. If something of your liking from this series of wall decorations is not included, then there is also the panorama wall.

Panorama view
Panorama wallpaper is characterized by a photoprint on which the illusion of folding veranda doors gives a view of a metropolis, a peaceful natural area or a tropical resort with sea views. The veranda doors seem to give access to a balcony, boat deck or garden terrace. Because the panorama view from the View collection has been created with a certain perspective, it looks as if the room has become much larger.

Wall stickers
With wall stickers made of velours from the Coart collection you can decorate an existing wallpaper wall or painted wall with a pattern. The wall stickers can be easily fixed because they are self-adhesive. A precondition for this is a smooth surface.

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