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Whimsically shaped, mainly orange bowl measuring 51 cm long, reminiscent of the magical firebird with flaming gold wings. A striking, hand-painted table decoration made of metal : height 16 cm.
Bowl Nugget - L is a distinctive bowl from the new Silver Line of Toms Drag. It has an outer silver shell and silver shoes. Size 46 x 41 cm and height 20 cm.
Bowl Nugget in size M is a distinctive bowl from the new Silver Line. It has an outer silver shell and silver shoes. The inside has patterns in pastel colors, like green, blue and lilac. Diameter 38 cm.
Tray Cadiz is a white square serving tray with bright colors and patterns of the Silver Line Toms Company. The wooden tray stands on silver shoes. Size: 41 x 41 x 9 cm.
Cadiz is a square Toms Drag tray and part of the Silver Line. It has 4 wooden shoes and it's made of hand painted wood. Size: 38 x 38 x 8 cm.
Tray Cadiz, square in size S: 30 x 30 x 8 cm. Hand-painted in the fresh colours of the Silver Line of Toms Drags The wooden tray stands on silver shoes.
Oval, white bowl on small silver shoes. The low bowl is painted with Toms Drag patterns in blue, green, black and lilac. Handmade of marmorin Size: 50 x 20 cm. For deco purposes only.
Plateau in gold with colorful Toms Drags accents. The bowl stands on small red pumps with rhinestones. This decorative work of art is handmade from wood. Dimensions: 24 x 12 x 6 cm.
Beautiful elongated bowl, hand-painted with typical Drag patterns. The bottom is finished with gold leaf and red shoes. There is a Toms Drag authenticity logo on the scale affixed. Made of hand-painted metal. Dimensions: 86 cm x 13.5 cm.
Large ornamental bowl of 62 cm long and 35 cm high. Classically designed, but otherwise this bowl is anything but "normal". A very outspoken and striking design piece by designer Tom Hoffmann, the father of Toms Drags.
Beautiful, exclusive oyster shell by Toms Drag. The shell is made of fiberglass. Dimensions 48 x 24 cm; height 30 cm. The outside is ribbed and covered with gold leaf. The inside is decorated with colorful Drag patterns. Handmade.
Rectangular, decorative tray made of mdf wood and painted with colorful Toms Drag patterns and colors. Can also be used for pens or other small items. Handmade. Size approx. 22 x 11 x 3 cm.
Metal candy dish painted in Drag style. The dish rests on funny golden shoes. Diameter 19 cm, height 12 cm.
Patter, two tiered, in Drag style, for chocolates or cookies. Hand painted metal.
Hand painted Drag plate, leaf-shaped.
Material: Aluminum.
Size: 30 cm x 37cm.
Hand painted Drag plate, leaf-shaped.
Material: Aluminium.
Size: 40 cm x 30 cm.
Round and colorful cake tray from Toms Drag with a removable glass plate for easy cleaning. Present your pastries, cakes, cheese, etc. on it. The tray is handmade from metal and glass. Diameter 36 cm.; height 13 cm.
Hand painted etagere in Drag style. Made of metal. Size: height 38 cm, width 27 cm. Plateau sections: 27 cm, 21 cm, 18 cm
Handmade heart-shaped serving tray, painted with beautiful patterns and bright colours. This decorative metal bowl stands on small spherical feet. A true work of art by Toms Drags. Dimensions M: 31 x 21,5 cm.
€119,00 €99,00
Large bowl from the Black Collection 2012 of Tom Hoffmann. The bowl is made of marmorin with fiber glass and has red shoes with rhinestones. Hand painted.
Size: W 88 x H 27 cm.Large bowl from the Black Collection 2012.
This Drag bowl is hand painted and has four red shoes with rhinestones. Brightly colored, with gold and part of the new Santa Monica Collection.
With Toms Drag authenticity logo.
Decorative, round Toms Drags bowl on a short, black and white chequered foot. The bowl is made of metal and has a diameter of 35 cm and is 17 cm in height. The colourful paintwork is interspersed with gold leaf. A beautiful design.
Great, hand painted Toms Drag serving tray on 4 golden shoes.
Size inside approx. 39 x 39 cm / outside: 43 x 43 (shoe to shoe), height 10 cm
Made of hand painted MDF. With authenticity logo.
Hand painted Toms Drag serving tray made of wood, standing on golden shoes.
Size inside tray: 29 x 29 cm / outside tray: 30,5 x 30,5, including shoes: 31,5 x 31,5 cm.
Height 9,5 cm. (available again from October 2023)
Made of: MDF
Bowls and serving trays, hand-painted home accessories in marmorin wood, or metal.
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