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The artist and Tom´s Drags
A very personal gift idea evolved into a global company.
German-born designer Thomas A.Hoffmann is passionate about living life to its fullest and he delights in the amazing diversity of the world around him. These are the two driving forces that fuel his fantasies.

In 1988 he started his own business "Toms Company" and created its own design-oriented productline.  A story of success which actually began with a catastrophe. After 9-11, 2001 - when the world remained in a state of collective shock - Tom Hoffmann wanted to send a signal. With his first hand painted drags, which were just gifts for his friends, Tom wanted to awaken their optimism and joy of life.
Since then this has worked so well that his fan base has become very international and can be found in all parts of the world. His creations, sold in many countries worldwide, are legally protected against counterfeiting and piracy. You can recognize the original items of Toms Drag products by it's logo.

A stand-alone world of figures and shapes

Witty, whimsical, weird – spanning all the colors of the rainbow, Tom’s Drags® are unique and stylishly designed objects for the home. They are matchless but of course they have their roots, too. Their designer, Tom Hoffmann travelled often and loved it. In his work we find influences from European and American pop art. They are reminiscent of Yellow Submarine, and also of the ornamentation in European, African and Asian popular culture. Tom combined these in his very own unique way, thus creating a lusty frenzy of colors and joys of life. His work is "original" in the truest sense of the word!



People, animals, accessories

Waiters, angels, alligators - nothing was off limits. The light-hearted charm of Tom's Drag® infuses anything and everything with tireless, playful and inexhaustible creativity. Roles and clichés are reinterpreted in surprising ways, often turned completely upside down. All creations are made and reproduced by hand.

Materials: For the manufacturing only the best quality of materials and paints are used, and they comply with European safety standards. The basic material of the smaller Tom's Drag items is marmorin, which is a new composit of crushed marble and synthetic resin. This combination delivers a pure ivory-colored product, which is comparable with ceramics. Furniture (cabinets, tables, etc.) basics material is MDF and the larger bowls and sculptures have a base of fiberglass. Then comes a coating of marmorin, the piece is hand painted and then lacquered.

Appearance: scherf
His collections are fun, colorful and bold with a humorous twist. They give the interior color and are a real eyecatcher. They are colorful pieces of art, each with a different personality, often with bizarre details. Brilliant colors, beautiful shapes and also very affordable. DecoVista is pleased to be one of the selected suppliers.

Handle with care:
Products from Hoffmann collections are intended primarily as a decorative object. Of course you can use cupboards, cabinets, tables and trays normally, but be aware that paints and coating is sensitive to moisture and acids (such as from fresh fruits). With repeated prolonged exposure to bright sunlight, colors might fade. Ceramics and ceramic-like compositions like marmorin will not withstand dropping.

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