Cat sculptures

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Little Jeanny... is a cute small ball bellied cat. She is made of Marmorin and hand painted in typical Tom`s Drag patterns. She has real whiskers . Height 10 cm.
Cat figurine Diana or Little Diana, both part of the Princess collection Toms Drags. The cat figurine is handmade of marmorin. The cat has real eyelashes and whiskers and is available in two sizes: 10 cm or 24 cm in length.
Cat figurine Sue - S handmade art object by Toms Drag. Made of marmorin.
length 12 cm, height 4.5 cm
€46,30 €43,00
Cat Luna - S is a small hand-painted animal sculpture of Toms Drag Silver Line. This cat has a height of 9 cm. Made of marmorin.
€55,00 €44,00
Handmade cat statue of Toms Drags. Cat Amy lies on her back. She is decorated with real eyelashes and jewelry. Made of Marmorin. length 10 cm, height 8 cm.
Cat sculpture made from hand painted marmorin.
Dimensions: Height 12.5 cm / diameter 6,5 cm
This whimsical, colorful cat is decked out with red shoes and a black hat. A Drag-queen, decorated with golden accents and jewelry. Length 11.5 cm, height 11.5 cm
Her body language shows that cat is begging Kitty for attention. Who can ignore her prone whiskers and seductive eyelashes? Dimensions: L 11,5 cm / H 15 cm. Material: marmorin.
Cat figurine
A cat from the Princess collection of Toms Drag. The cigarette is loose. Available in two sizes.
Kat Caroline from the Princess Collection by Toms Drags. She has a cigarette in her mouth and has real eyelashes and whiskers. Handicraft, available in 2 sizes.
Cat figurine Grace from the Princess Collection by Toms Drags. 100% Handicraft. With real eyelashes and whiskers. Available in two sizes. Material: marmorin.
Cat figurine Catherine from the Princess collection of Toms Drags. The cat image is 100% handmade from marmorin. With real eyelashes and whiskers. It is available in two sizes.
Sleeping cat Clementine This cat figurine is part of the Toms Drag collection and is hand-painted and finished.
Material: marmorin. The figurine has a logo.
Cat Candy, with earring and real whiskers. Specifications: Size: height 12 cm Material: MARMORIN, hand painted. Designer: Tom Hoffmann
Gorgeous and colourful round kat by Toms Drags, completely handmade and 19 cm high. This detailed cat figurine with real eyelashes, dread-locks and red pumps is made of marmorin.
The Box Cat is 21 cm high and was designed by Tom Hoffmann. This Toms Drags cat has real eye lashes, whiskers, glasses and an earring. The lid has a hinge with a small storage space underneath. Also used as a cat urn. Handmade from wood.
Cat Guardian - S is a majestic white cat with Toms Drag patterns but new fresh colores of the Silver Line like purple, green and blue, combined with black and silver. Height 28 cm
Decorative handmade yoga cat Sadhu, part of the colorful Toms Drags collection, to add an amusing and artistic accent to your interior. Dimensions: 12,5 x 15 cm
This decorative Yoga cat figurine Swami byToms Drags will add a cheerful and artistic accent to your interior. Dimensions: 11,5 x 17 cm
Abstract Toms Drags cat statue painted with tropical birds and plants. The cat is wearing golden shoes. This handmade cat sculpture is designed by Tom Hoffmann and is 40 cm tall x 14 cm wide. Material: marmorin.
€119,00 €89,00
Cat Matilda, dressed with a removable hat and red shoes. The earrings have green rhinestones. She has real eyelashes and is fully handpainted.
Made of marmorin.
Cat Anastacia from the Princess Collection by Toms Drag.
Handmade of Marmorin, hand painted.
Cat figurine Victoria from the Princess Collection by Toms Drags. 100% Handicraft. With real eyelashes and whiskers. Available in two sizes. Material: marmorin.
Lying cat figurine from the Princess Cat Collection by Toms Drags. 100% Handicraft, made from marmorin. Available in two sizes.
The mysterious cat , our little house tiger. Tom Hoffmann adores cats . His cat figurines are therefore developed in detail, complete with whiskers , eyelashes , earrings and shoes. This quirky, lovely animals are in the collections more than adequate represented. 
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