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Art figurine in 3D, after a painting by Salvardor Dali with the "Soft Self Portrait". The figurine is made under license and 8 cm high. It comes in a gift box with brochure.
Salvador Dali's elephant on extremely long legs, from the painting "La tentation de St. Antoine" converted into a licensed, hand-painted 3D artwork measuring 24 cm high. Brand: Mouseion and delivered in gift box with brochure.
3-D Art figurine is a fragment from Salvador Dali's painting "Femme avec tiroirs" symbolizing the secrets of man. Length 19 cm. This is a high quality, hand-painted and licensed collectable figurine. Comes in a gift box with small certificate.
White rearing horse on long legs, walking away from the painting of the Temptation of Saint Anthony (1946) by Salvador Dali. The horse is 19,5 cm high. Material: collector quality synthetic resin, hand painted. Comes in a gift box with brochure.
Licensed replica by the Parastone studio of the polar bear "L'Ours Blanc" created by sculptor PomPon in 1922. Dimensions: h18 x L32 x 11 cm. Delivered with brochure in a gift box. Material: resin.
The famous egg from which a man is born, from the painting "Geopolitical child watches the birth of man" the symbol for new life (1943), designed in 3D and part of the Parastone Mouseion collection. Height 12 cm.
Salvador Dali's Geopolitical child watches the birth of the new human (1943)
The new human must free itself from it\'s oppressive entwinement with the past.
Height: 5 cm. Comes in a gift box.
L'Ours Blanc, an 11 cm tall, licensed replica of the white polar bear made in plaster by Francois Pompon in 1922. The original can be found at Musée d "Orsay in France. The polar bear is made of resin. Comes in a gift box.
A 3D statue, tall 23 cm, after the famous drawing by Da Vinci of the Vitruvius man.
It illustrates the perfect human shape as calculated by the Roman architect Vitruvian. See the explanatory video below the image.
The fourteen-year-old dancer, or famous Petit Danseuse by the painter Edgar Degas. The girl has a tulle skirt and stands on a wooden base. The dancer has been transformed into a three-dimensional figurine measuring 16 cm in length. Material: resin
This sculpture of Rodin Le secret is made of resin, a material that looks like stone.
The two hands are 14,5 cm high. The sculpture has a bronze finish. Packaged in gift box with brochure.
The maribu, 14 cm high, is a replica of a sculpture made by the sculptor Francois Pompon. The bird has smooth lines and is beautifully finished. It is a licensed sculpture. Comes in a gift box with small brochure.
David by Michelangelo; a Roman 27 cm tall statue from the period 1475-1564, in white veined resin to resemble the original. This art statue of the nude David is released under license and comes in gift box.
On this sphere with a systematic planar distribution, all reptiles fall into place. A replica of the mathematical art of M.C. Escher, who made this model of wood in 1949. Diameter sphere: ca. 9 cm. Material: polystone.
The little dancer sculpture is a licensed replica made of resin and tulle tutu, on a wooden base, just like the original by Edgar Degas. Height: 21 cm.
This horse is based on Da Vinci's drawing to cast a 7.2 meter high horse in bronze. Due to the war, it was not realized due to lack of bronze. The Cheval is made under license in resin and is 24 cm high.
Brown bear, after the original of Pompon. Made of resin. Hand patinated in dark brown bronze. Height 11 cm. The bear is packed in a representative box with a small certificate.
€55,00 €49,00
Grand Duc, big owl: Fluent formed sculpture, with a beautiful bronze patina. Made to the original by Francois Pompon. This model is a licensed replica and has a stamp beneath the base. Material: resin. Height: 23 cm.
Danseuse verte, a replica of Edgar Degas' ballerina sculpture. Produced under license from the Mouseion collection. In gift box with small certificate. Height 17 cm. Material: hand painted resin.
Three-dimensional image, 41 cm high, of the Vitruvian Man in alabaster-white, after a drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci, representing the perfect human form proportion. The sculpture has been released under license. Delivered in a gift box with certificate.
Three-dimensional sculpture of 41 cm high, of the Vitruvian Man in bronze colour, after a drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci, representing the perfect human form proportion. The statue has been released under licence. Delivered in a gift box with certificate.
A replica of The Swan, the costume design Dali designed for a ballet performance in 1939. This Mouseion replica is made of hand-painted synthetic resin in collector's quality. Dimensions 9 x 18 cm. Packed in a gift box .
The Yawner, a replica bust from sculptor Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, who created his famous series of character heads. Height 20 cm. Made of artificial stone.
Black Panther, smooth and flowing like satin. An official replica of Francois Pompon's sculpture. The Black Panther measures 12 x 30 cm and is made of solid resin, finished with a dark patina. Comes in gift box with small brochure.
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