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Small is beautiful. This frog has a light green head. Dimensions: 10 x 9.5 cm. The entire series consists of three models, all made of marmorin and with authenticity logo of Toms Drag.
A colorful giraffe by Toms Drags, with a detachable cigarette. This art sculpture has a height of 51 cm and is handmade. The design was conceived by the late Tom Hoffmann. Material: marmorin.
This adorable, colorful kitten Kitty is a handmade Toms Drags figurine, decorated with eye lashes, whiskers , a collar and earring. On her feet she wears red pumps. The cat figurine is made of marmorin and the dimensions are 30 x 21 cm.
Graceful and characteristic whale figurine by Toms Drags. Captain Ahab with his detachable pipe is unique and simply beautiful as a maritime decorative element. The whale is 100% handmade of marmorin. Dimensions: H 24 x L 38,5 x D 17 cm
Reclining Scottish Highlander bull measuring L 32 x W 13 x H 16 cm to a handmade design by artist Veronica Ballen (UK). The bull is hand cast in cold cast bronze resin and comes with a small certificate from Frith Nature.
Hare Hugo is sculpted by Paul Jenkins, an English wildlife artist. The sculpture is reproduced in cold cast bronze resin and is hand polished. The natural-looking body posture and chunky design give it extra charm. Height 28 cm.
Kat Caroline from the Princess Collection by Toms Drags. She has a cigarette in her mouth and has real eyelashes and whiskers. Handicraft, available in 2 sizes.
Le Grand Duc, the smooth, famous owl by sculptor Francois Pompon, measuring 14 cm high. Made under license and stamped with a mark. Material : patinated resin artificial stone. Delivered in gift box with brochure.
Sitting frog with bulging belly. This frog is a typical effeminate drag queen with jewelry, pumps and long eyelashes. A typical caricature designed by Tom Hoffmann and part of the Toms Drags. Height 20 cm
Nelly is a 100% handmade Toms Drag cat sculpture, decorated with dreadlocks, red shoes, glasses and real whiskers. Height 23 cm.
Mouse Fred, a rodent from the Wildlife collection of Toms Drags. The rodent wears a golden crown and shoes. The mouse has real eyelashes and whiskers. The statue is hand-painted. Material: marmorin. Dimensions: H 12 x 11 cm.
This elephant Soliman is made of hand painted marmorin, size 15 x 15 cm. The elephant is one of the five smaller elephants from the Drag collection of Tom Hoffmann. The elephant has eyelashes and black earrings.
Large replica of the famous white polar bear created in 1922 and known as L'Ours Blanc by sculptor Francois Pompon. This art sculpture has a height of 35 cm x L 67 cm x W 24 cm. Weight 14 kilos! Material: solid resin.
Set of two drag turtles Elton, each with a different skin color and figure. Size: length 20 cm.
Material: marmorin, hand painted
Frog statue Richard is a handcrafted design by Toms Drags, richly decorated with rhinestones on the crown and lid, including a small storage space. Dimensions: 21 x 20 x 14 cm.
Stylized horse statue in striking colours. This is a handmade Toms Drag design object made of marmorin. The patterns on the left and right side are different. Size: 40 x 39 cm.
Decorative paper towel holder by Toms Drags, made of mdf. Dimensions H. 27 cm, Ø 14,5 cm
Richly colored and handmade bull statue with golden horns, a crown and two golden boots. This art figurine is a design by Toms Drags. Dimensions: length 16 cm x height 14 cm. Made of marmorin. Also available in other sizes.
Pop-Art art figurine monkey Burki; not a toy, but a brightly colored, funny and streamlined art object from a Dutch-born artist: Jacky Zeegers. Dimensions: height 22 cm. Delivered in a gift box.
€149,00 €125,00
Small is beautiful. This frog has a light green head. Dimensions: 10 x 9,5 x 9,5 cm. The entire series consists of three models, all made of marmorin and with authenticity logo of Toms Drag.
This decorative Yoga cat figurine Swami byToms Drags will add a cheerful and artistic accent to your interior. Dimensions: 11,5 x 17 cm
Characteristic and colourful giraffe statue with unique details, such as an elegant hat, red pumps, earrings and eye lashes; a typical Toms Drags design named Effi. The giraffe is 80 cm high and 35 cm wide. Handmade from marmorin.
Hilda, a female hare, her head raised towards the moon. The sculpture is a design by English nature sculptor Paul Jenkins commissioned by Frith Nature, who had it reproduced in cold cast bronze resin. Hand finished and polished: H 18 x W 12 cm.
Statue of a lion in Drag Queen outfit. This is a handmade work of art by Toms Drags. Dimensions: 38 x 33 cm.
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