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Symbolic 3D sculpture of a woman's body full of drawers (Burning Giraffe) by Salvador Dali. It means that everyone has secrets. Height 19 cm. In giftbox.
Impressive crocodile or alligator Francesca in Drag design, with beautiful colors and detail. Length 110 cm. No shipping outside the Netherlands.
Constantine - M is a detailed and colorful elephant, handmade by Toms Drag. Material: Marmorin / fiber
Size:: 50 cm high.
This polar bear is a hand painted , official replica of the famous sculpturr by Francois Pompom made in 1922. Comes in a representative gift box. Material: massiv resin, handpainted. Height 18 cm.
Famous artwork of Da Vinci, under license reshaped into 3D.With certificate.
Bronze colored resin.
Height 22 cm
This tall giraffe in Toms Drags design has a height of 150 cm and is a great wildlife decoration object. Delivery possibilities outside the Netherlands on request.
Licensed sculpture with certificate, made of resin. Degas developed an interest in ballet at an early age and in 1872 he made his first studies of ballet dancers. He chose subtile, apparently random compositions and painted them with an unexpected ap...
Artistic candlestick, shaped as an astride seated acrobat, from the Circus Collection of Tom\'s Drag.
Size 26 x 24 cm. Made of marmorin.
Money Box in pig design, savings box, piggy bank, Handpainted, pig figurine, savings pig
Drag kat Kitty
Size: length 11.5 cm x height 15 cm
Material marmorin, hand painted
Giraf Roxanna XXL, an animal sculpture, head facing forwards, with a height of 230 cm. Limited edition of 300 units. An eye-catcher for a high room.
Transportation and costs outside the Netherlands on request.
This polar bear is a hand painted replica of the famous polar bear of the sculptor Francois Pompom. Size XXL: height 35 cm, length 67 cm, width 24 cm. weight: 14 kilo! Material: Resin
The Characters Collection painter Vincent Height 145 cm Material: marmorin
Lolita stubborn looking drag pig from the Diamond Collection. The backlit is covered with rhinestones and covers a small storage space, for instance for jewelry.

M Size: 21 x 17 cm
Cat bowl / candy dish Cat Bowl, standing on four legs in the shape of a cat. Suitable for instance for candy or chocolates.
€112,00 €64,00
Happy smiling miniture Drag clown Max, made of hand-painted marmorin.
This is one of five mini characters. (See also our Large ones).
Size: 12 cm, 9 cm wide
€39,95 €29,95
Famous artwork of Da Vinci, shaped under license into 3D. With certificate.
White colored resin and metall.
Height 23 cm
Funny giraffe, with removable sigaret. Made of marmorin and with authenticity logo Toms Drags.
Height: 41 cm
Statue of the Merry Widow Lydia. Handmade with great detail. A design by Tom Hoffmann.
Height 170 cm . Material: fiberglass with marmorin. Pick-up only.
The clever Puss in Boots from the Perrault fairy tale about the Marquis of Carabos. The jacket is trimmed with rhinestones, a truly beautiful statue to really see and the top model of the fairy tale collection.
Round Drag stool on 4 wooden feet with red shoes from the Versailles Collection. Atop a soft yellow-gold colored cushion of textile.
Height 53 cm. Diameter 40 cm.
Four arms, suitable for 5 candles
Camel Laila is hand painted and decorated and is 177 cm tall. This man-sized artwork made from fiberglass and marmorin is a real eye catcher.
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