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Replica of the famous sculpture The Cathedral, a study for "the secret"
Sculpture the Thinker of Rodin. Bronzed sculpture of cast stone. Choose from 14 cm, 23 cm or 36 cm. Packed in gift box.
A 3-D mini figurine from the Mouseion collection to an oil painting by Magritte. Material: resin. The figurine is packaged in a luxurious gift box.
The little dancer sculpture is a licensed replica made of resin and tulle tutu, on a wooden base, just like the original by Edgar Degas. Height: 21 cm.
Funny book end, a replica of the Rheinhold sculpture from 1892. Total height incl. Plateau is 18.5 cm. Made of bronze patinated resin.
Klimt - The Kiss (1907). A beautifully crafted 3D object from the image of the original painting by Gustav Klimt.
This decorative Jugendstil statue is manufactured under license by Parastone studio. Made of resin. Height: 19 cm
Round sphere with reptiles, a resin repro of the beech wood carvings (1949) by M.C. Escher, a systematic level distribution based on triple rotation. Because the sphere has no beginning or end, this was the ideal shape for Escher's infinite systems.
A 3D statue after the famous drawing by Da Vinci of the Vitruvius man.
It illustrates the perfect human shape as calculated by the Roman architect Vitruvian. See the explanatory video below the image.
Four remarkable Escher coasters and a metal holder.  Each coaster contains a different image of his infinite drawings. The coaster set has a diameter of 10 cm and comes in a gift box.
Replica figurine of the philosophical Darwin monkey by sculptor Wolfgang Hugo Reinhold. This funny figurine of the adorable "Affe mit Schädel" is 14 cm high. Color dark brown patinated.
Escher uses his famous metamorphosis technique. On stand. Height 18 cm. A nice art gift for yourself or anyone else. Free giftwrap on request.
Bust A Strong Man. Material: resin. Height 20 cm. This strange grey replica was originally sculpted by Franz Xavier Messerschmidt (1736 - 1783) is part of his famous series character heads with extreme facial expressions.
Three ages of Woman is a decorative Jugendstil 3D figurine from an original painting by Gustav Klimt. Manufactured under license for the Mouseion collection. Material: resin. Height: 21 cm
This sculpture of Rodin Le secret is made of resin, a material that looks like stone.
The two hands are 14,5 cm high. The sculpture has a bronze finish.
Replica of the Messerschmidt sculpture, part of the Faces Collection.
This piece of art is a licensed replica. It has a stamp below the base and a certificate is included. Material: Resin. Height 20 cm. Licensed, with certificate
Famous preliminary sketch of the praying hands of an apostle for the painting on the central panel of the Heller Alter in the Dominican church in Frankfurt, Germany.
Replica in artificial stone of a character head by sculptor Xavier Messerschmidt. The heavy bust has a height of 20 cm and comes in gift box. The statue was made under licence and is part of Parastone's Mouseion collection.
Small round sphere, 6 cm, with fish of MC Escher in giftbox. Made of resin, a repro of the beech wood carvings (1938). Because the sphere has no beginning or end, this was the ideal shape for Escher's infinite systems.
Petit Danseuse / the little dancer by Edgar Degas is a licensed replica made of resin and tulle tutu, mounted on a wooden base. Height 36 cm
Sculpture of two hands by Rodin. This replica is made of resin (synthetic stone) and is finished with a bronze patina. Size: 10 x 7 x 5 cm.
The Yawner, a replica bust from sculptor Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, who created his famous series of character heads. Height 20 cm. Made of artificial stone.
Silver coloured pocket mirror with the MC Escher Birds & Fisch image Symmetry nr. 126 in black and white. The inside contains two mirrors. Diameter: 7 cm. Delivered in gift box with small brochure.
Grand Duc, big owl: Fluent formed sculpture, with a beautiful bronze patina. Made to the original by Francois Pompon. This model is a licensed replica and has a stamp beneath the base. Material: resin. Height: 23 cm.
Miniature in beautiful gift box of the by Rodin's sculpted hands Le secret. Height 10 cm, bronze patinated resin.
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