Table lamps

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Checkered table lamp of glass in the shape of a handbag, high model, with checkered pattern in various colors. The handle is red and has a silver-gray colored buckle. This handmade designer tablelight features a halogen bulb. Dimensions: B27 x D7 x ...
Beautifully handmade table lamp of glass, in hand-bag look. In black and white squares, a red border and rounded grip. A unique Elena design object.
Height 37, width 29, depth 9 cm.
Beautiful hand-crafted and unique table lamp made of glass.
Size: H 42 x W 37 x T 12 cm
€595,00 €575,00
Elena Graure Manta is a talented glass and porcelain artist. Her work is so special that even a part of it is on display in the museum of Bags (Tassenmuseum) in Amsterdam.
Al her work is signed.

This lighting has the model of a handbag. Elena also creates glass shoes and even dresses. Beside the shown lamps other colour combinations are possbible. 
Pictures on request.
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