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Attractive looking appetizer tray made of glass with attached small sauce trays and a space for cocktail sticks. The colorful tray is handmade in Spain.
Dimensions: 41 x 33 x 4 cm.
€74,00 €59,00
Bring some color to the table with this glass tapas bowl made by glass fusion. The trays are attached to the plate and won't fall off. There is also a space for toothpicks. Size: 41 x 21 x 4 cm . A super cute, original and practical gift.
€59,00 €48,00
Decorative finger food plate made of glass fusion. This tapas plate has an integrated dipping bowl and space for coctail sticks. Size: 41 x 21 x 4 cm
Abstract hand-made glass sculpture. Size: 9 x 20 cm . Packaged in a gift box.
Elegant glass sculpture of an elongated rooster with a red beak and red crest. The glass is mottled with yellow and blue fragments. The glass rooster stands on a square transparent base. Size: w 24 x h 42 x d 10 cm
Handmade and mouth-blown wasp of frosted glass in the colours yellow/black with raised, transparent wings. Length approx. 13 cm.
Handmade and mouth blown Disc of Bohemian crystal glass by Ozzaro in the colors brown, pink and green. The disc has a hand engraved mark. Dimensions: H 10 x W 10,5 cm.
Seahorse on a transparent base. Colours: silver, black and sea blue. Height 12 cm, width 8 cm.
Glass sculpture of an intimately standing together couple in shades of amber, white, transparent and black lines. Length 30 cm. A graceful, hand-formed glass object.
Glass object Sea Shell, a shiny yellow shell with red and black and inside milky white.
Handmade. Dimensions: 27 x 14 cm.
Graceful and decorative Vetro glass sculpture, suitable as a gift for men and women. A glass sculpture can be combined with any style. In gift box
Color: blue
Size L: 6 cm
Clown with round belly, made of Murano glass, detailed shaped by the Italian glass experts. This is a unique piece of glass art. Size: 18-20 cm.
Clown with round belly, approx. 17 cm tall and made of Murano glass, detailed shaped by the Italian glass experts. This is a unique piece of art, made in Italy and comes with a certificate.
This decorative glass sculpture Drillo is a beautiful addition to any home décor. Art objects of glass are suitable for both women and men and they fit into any interior style. Size: 52 x 10 cm.
Artwork of glass, made by glass fusion into a colorful table lamp by glass artist Elena. Already beautiful during the day but as soon as the switch is flipped this artistic lamp reveals an enchanting light. A signed one-of-a-kind. Height 48 cm.
€695,00 €625,00
Exclusive, handmade glass art object in black and white, by the Hungarian glass artist Elena Graure Manta. This object has the model of a handbag and can be used as a table lamp. Dimensions: height 42 x width 37 x depth 12 cm. Unique!
Exclusive glass art object Shag by Elena Graure Manta. Handmade glass fusion table lamp Dimensions: H 37 x W 29 x D 9 cm.
Exclusive, checkered table lamp by glass fusion artist Elena, shaped like a ladies handbag. Dimensions: H 47 x W 27 x D 7 cm.
Ente is a glass art object formed by hand and mouth blown. This sculpture by Borowski measures 16 x 42 x 15 cm and can be used as a bowl in addition to its decorative functionality.
Pelican dish or bowl in blue yellow frosted glas. A hand formed and mouth-blown glass sculpture by Borowski. FREE SHIPPING *)
This bird, of glass the New-Sealand Kiwi, is fun as paperweight or as decorative glass object. Mouth-blown glass art for the Borowski Studio.

wide: 18 cm
Glass object with metal feet
Paperweight bird Kiwi is an artistic frosted glas object. Decorative mouth-blown art object is handicrafted by the famous Borowski Art Studio. Dimensions : 11 x 18 x 12 cm.
Artistic glass object Frosch which is both decorative but also practical. A bowl of 33 cm wide. This art object is made of frosted glass. Hand formed / mouth blown by the famous Glass Studio Borowski, belonging to the World Summit in artistic glass.
Kiwi Egg paperweight, Lime green, height 18 cm / 8 inch. An art object of frosted glass with horizontal lines and metal feet. A handmade/mouth-blown design of the world-renowned glass studio Borowski.

Glass art

Glass art consists of objects that are deliberately made in a certain form. The appearance is usually not created by chance, but is formed by craftsmen who have determined the appearance in advance and who use different techniques to achieve a certain end result. The price of such a glass object often reflects the quality and level of difficulty of the glass art. 

We have affordable glass sculptures such as cheap paperweight, but also the more expensive glass art objects of Borowski, Elena Design and Ozzaro.

In addition to this main category, for your convenience, we have categorised the objects to make it easier to search.


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