C. Jeré

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Morning Song is a handmade metal Wall Art sculpture made of heat treated and brushed metal, shaped like a branch of grapes.. Comes with numbered certificate of authenticity. Size appr. 127 x 69 x 13 cm.
Metal Wall Art sculpture Safari is a consistency of small suns of steel, patinated in silver and gold. This handmade art work designed by C. Jeré elevates your interior.  Size: 118 x 70 x 15 cm.
Requisition (4 pieces), signed C. Jeré. With certificate of Artisan House.
Bold brushed steel frames encapsulate these four abstract photo sculptures with innovative geometric designs.
Handmade metal Wall Art Sculpture Coral-Moon Branches, a design by C. Jeré (signed and wit certificat of Artisan House. This is a two piece wall sculpture. Total size
Propensity II a 2-piece wall sculpture made of partially flame treated chrome, resulting in matted beige parts. Designed by C. Jeré, handicraft. Each part is approximately 84 x 62 x 12 cm.
Antiqued chrome-plated steel is crafted to form this stunning, equestrian-inspired work. Gallop is perfect to adorn your walls. Designed by C. Jeré, with certiicate. Size 124 x 64 x 20.
Rogue (by c. Jeré) is a large steel Ribbon with various blue-and Brown accents. This striking metal decoration with its simple form is a resting point on the wall. Length 146 cm.
Wall object by C. Jere, wall sculpture Eden. Completely hand made of steel and copper, painted in yellow, green, gold. The iridescent colors give the stylized leaf special touches. Size 143 x 69 x 10 cm. Shipping costs on request.
Urchin Chrome by C. Jeré, wall sculpture A collection of five different sized bursts of radiating wire rods, also known as urchin. Size 100 x 65 x 25 cm.
Swan is a handmade metal Wall Art piece, signed C. Jeré and made of polished brass. Size 140 x 102 x 8 cm (mounted). This elegant piece of art has presence, detail and creativity.
Includes a certificate by Artisan House.
Table Top Noble by C. Jeré. The Antelope Tabletop Sculpture made of steel, melds natural with industrial. Steel embodies the gallant antelope.
Size: 28 x 10 x 102 cm / (inches): 11 x 4 x 40
Wall art Sterling Journey presents exquisite shades of silver. The piece's textured round shape is split vertically into two pieces with a robust metal ball joining both sections together near the items top. Diameter 94 cm.
Handmade metal Wall Art Sculpture Aquous
Exclusive manufacturer: Artisan House USA
Signed C. Jere, with certificate of authenticity by Artisan House
Size appr. 119 x 69 x 15
Handmade metal Wall Art Sculpture Impress
Exclusive manufacturer: Artisan House USA
Signed C. Jere, with certificate of authenticity by Artisan House
Size appr.145 x 98 x 10 cm
Handmade Sailboat The Mariner, made of brass plated steel. Can be hung on the wall or put down. Designed by C. Jere, exclusive reproduced by Artisan House. A Certificate of authenticity is included.
CITY PARK is part of the C. Jeré Classics series by Artisan House, and is taken from the archives of our vast history of timeless sculptures. This unique piece of art is a three-dimensional rendering of a city park scene in the fall. The watercolor ...
Handmade metal Wall Art Sculpture Thrive, 180 cm wide.
Exclusive manufacturer: Artisan House USA
Signed C. Jere, with numbered certificate of authenticity
Integrate ia a handmade metal wall-art sculpture, designed and signed: C. Jeré, This art object made of copper and steel comes with a certificate of authenticity. Size: 110 x 10 x 76 cm
€1.195,00 €1.095,00
Epiphany is a retro style wall art object, consisting of round and frayed chromed steel discs, which are treated with flame and paint. It symbolises the ...
€1.299,00 €1.099,00
Indulgence - copper. This transitional copper wall sculpture combines the simplicity of its rectangular elements with the warmth of a rich natural finish. Each piece is hand cut, with flame treated accents to bring out the true characteristics of the...
Suffuse II - Exquisitely formed sculpture, signed C. Jeré. This is a statement piece for art lovers and interior enthusiasts alike. Ground, painted and hammered steel rings. Eeach element is hand formed and unique.
€775,00 €699,00
Wall sculpture Raindrops in brass is a famous design by Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels. It is signed C. Jeré, 2007 and comes with a certificate of Artisan House. Handmade of flame-colored chrome, brass and copper plated steel.
Size appr. 167 x 84 x ...
Turbulent is made of hand-painted ground, flame treated copper and steel elements. It has both cool and warm tones and fits very well in a modern styled livingroom or office
This amazing, abstract object is a symbol of the hectic existence and fits ...
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